Here’s The #1 Place Women Want To Have Sex

Here’s a hint: it’s not on your bed.

Sex Promo
Photo: Getty Images

When you think about having sex, you immediately think of a bed, don’t you? Yeah, that’s generally the norm. But guess what? That’s not the place most women want to be when they’re all over your junk. In fact, the number one place women fantasize about getting it on is nothing like a bed.

According to a survey by Sleep Cupid of 3,000 women, the most appealing place to have sex is on a flight of stairs. Why? I am not sure. Perhaps for the thrill of possibly getting caught…? Or for the adrenaline-inducing potential of falling down the stairs mid-thrust?  Who knows.

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The second hottest place to have sex is on a beach, which is cliché, but I totally get it. Sex on the beach, like the fruity drink. Refreshing, fun, and satisfying. Number three is at a “big event,” like a birthday party, wedding, or a bar mitzvah. Mazel tov! 

Runners up include having sex in the mile high club, in a garage where all the power tools are (kinky!), out in the backyard, and in the office. 

Speaking of offices, the women were also surveyed about whether they’ve ever fantasized about getting naughty with a colleague, and 83.9 percent said duhobviously they’ve fantasized about banging a coworker. I mean, who hasn’t?

And what about sleeping with the boss? Considering it’s the plot of countless pornos, the fact that 71.3 percent of women admitted to fantasizing about sitting on some CEO dick is not surprising at all.

And finally, the survey revealed the time of day when women were most likely to think about these erotic trysts.

As expected, the majority of women think about lovin’ on some big dicks in the evening, 42.3 percent think about it during the afternoon lull, 32.9 percent think about it in the morning, but only 8.2 percent think about sex during lunchtime, because food. 

The more you know, gentlemen! Next time you’re going to have sex with your special lady friend, wait until the evening hours, and ravage her in the stairwell. Better yet, find a stairwell on a beach during a beach wedding. 

Have fun.