Which Colleges Are Having the Most Sex?

Never mind the government’s new “College Scorecard.” Here’s the data you really want.

College is a time for firsts — for trying new academic challenges, for taking up new hobbies, and, of course, for putting those budding libidos to work. While the tweed-clad pedagogues of the philosophy department wish you were having as little sex as they are, we all know how those private study rooms in the library are really getting used. 

Noting this oft-overlooked metric to a healthy campus, the folks at OkCupid have ranked U.S. colleges by way of a sex drive index. The digital dating service looked at how collegiate users during the 2014-15 academic terms responded to registration questions regarding their, hem, extracurricular interests — like reported sexual desire and activity. Matriculation was then determined by school email addresses that users had registered with the site. In sum, OkCupid has literally mapped out which campuses are the horniest. 

While parents would decry their children picking universities based on student-body libido, they can take comfort in one major revelation: the nastiest schools are also some of the best. Schools that consistently score high on the U.S. News & World Report’s annual ranking of best universities also got top honors on this unorthodox ranker. In fact, all schools in this year’s U.S. News & World Report top 10 also snagged spots on OkCupid’s top 20.

Top 20 Colleges by Sex Drive

1. Yale University

2. Brown University

3. Duke University

4. University of Chicago

5. Columbia University

6. Stanford University

7. Princeton University

8. Washington University in St. Louis

9. California Institute of Technology

10. Cornell University

11. University of California, Berkeley

12. Vanderbilt University

13. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

14. Harvard University

15. Rice University

16. Johns Hopkins University

17. Northwestern University

18. University of Pennsylvania

19. Dartmouth College

20. University of Notre Dame

OKCupid also determined rankings for partying and attractiveness of students. Students at Yale University were determined to be the most attractive while Brown University got props for having the biggest partiers. Eat your heart out, Big Ten schools.

So, it seems like late-night boink fests, rather than study sessions, are key to elite degrees. In that case, let’s all put aside our textbooks and take a few notes from those high-achieving Ivy Leaguers.

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