These Are the States That Think About Sex the Most

Home is where the bone is.


There are a few things on this Earth that drive our survival as a species: food, shelter, safety, and sex. It seems only natural that those topics might take up more than their fair share of our headspace, but when it comes to thinking about sex, not all parts of America are equal.

Which states just can’t keep boning off the brain? SKYN Condom’s Millennial Sex Survey has the answer. Participants were asked to report how often they ponder the majesty of skin-on-skin contact, from “several times a day,” all the way down to “less than several times a year.” So, which states report thinking about sex several times a day the most? Look no further than Missouri, where 58% of millennials can’t get the horizontal mambo off their minds. Fun fact: Missouri has 6,000 caves and is often referred to as “The Cave State.” No sex pun here, just thought you should know.

The runner up is Virginia, where 55% of respondents claim they think about sex several times a day. I was willing to write this off as a trend purely affecting the south (does warm weather also ignite a fire in our junk?), but the third runner up—Michigan at 53%—bucks the pattern. Oh well, the mystery keeps things exciting.

It is worth noting that none of the states thinking about sex the most are actually banking on all those thoughts, considering how New York and California took home the titles of most sexually active states. Better luck next year.

Check out SKYN’s Heat Map to get an up-t0-date look at the sexy social chatter happening across the country.