Why the Blazer Is the Sexiest Piece of Clothing You Can Own

A well-constructed jacket, with sharp shoulders and a proper cut, will hide—and lead to—a multitude of sins.

A well-cut blazer sharply defines the sexiest parts of a man’s body—the broadness of the shoulders and the back—drawing the eye down toward the waist and creating the ideal triangular torso. (Even if you don’t work out, the flattering cut of the blazer will make her suspect that you do.) In contrast to the traditional suit jacket, the considerably more casual blazer says that you’re both intellectual and athletic, secure and self-effacing, civilized and carnally inclined.

To wit: In the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian wore blazers whenever he felt he was losing control of the ostensibly submissive Anastasia. There he was, in sober French blue, negotiating the use of leather handcuffs and butt plugs over sushi and chilled Pouilly Fumé. It’s only as he begins to fall in love that his wardrobe relaxes and he starts wearing cashmere sweaters and Varvatos tees. But it’s the self-imposed restraint that Christian initially presents that hints at something kinky underneath his bespoke jackets. Mark Bridges, the film’s Oscar-winning costume designer, said that he purposely made Christian’s blazers fit “like a second skin.” Bridges also made sure that each jacket featured three-inch peaked lapels, to subtly draw the eye to actor Jamie Dornan’s face.

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Other men, real and fictional, who have shown the way to smolder in a blazer: Don Draper, David Beckham, Matthew McConaughey, Pharrell Williams, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum. Timothy Olyphant, who just wrapped six seasons on FX’s modern-day western Justified, made his character, Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, the sexiest lawman on TV by rocking jeans, flannels, cowboy boots, and a Stetson—all pulled together by a great-fitting blazer. Charlie Hunnam, among the most masculine actors of his generation, also cleans up in a blazer from time to time—and he looks hotter in a Calvin Klein suit than he ever did in a Sons of Anarchy biker vest.

For blazer amateurs unsure of which brand to buy, Ralph Lauren offers the most elastic price point with Purple Label and Polo. You don’t have to have a model’s physique, either: A well-constructed jacket, with sharp shoulders and a proper cut, will hide a multitude of sins. And given how women

tend to swoon around any man who wears one, it may lead to a multitude of sins as well.

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