Watch: College Girls Explain Why Women Like A**holes

From the mouths of babes.

First things first: Anyone who begins what’s supposed to be a relatively informative video with “sup bitches” is not worthy of your respect. The two guys in this video by YouTube channel SimpleSexyStupid aren’t that funny or interesting, and they could certainly use a few tips on assertiveness from our March issue. But we’re not watching this video for them. 

The two hosts of this video are searching for an answer to a very important question: Why are women so interested in asshole men? To unravel this pressing and important puzzle, SimpleSexyStupid traveled to UCLA to interview some stunning college girls — the most important demographic in America, if you ask us — about why beautiful women flock to the worst-behaved men on the planet.

The answers probably won’t surprise you. That’s OK: We’re all hurtling towards the grave anyway, and the universe will eventually reach a state of zero thermodynamic free energy, so it doesn’t really matter, does it? We thought not.