A Scientific Explanation for Why Men Like Big Boobs

Listen up, boob men.


Lately, there’s been an upswing of luscious Instagram ladies baring all some racy shoots. But what dominates their appeal?

In classic guy world, there’s the assman, the boobman, and the legman. We know from a 1968 study that gene expression and the resulting personality in a person is what sets these fellows apart. But what about the subcategory of boobmen, with some liking busty, and others preferring smaller breasts? To get the answer, you have to dig deep into the bowels of psychological research.

Turns out, boobs and money turned out to go hand-in-hand. According to Psychology Todayin the first study, psychologists Viren Swami and Martin Tovée surveyed 266 men of various socioeconomic status on which boob size they thought was hotter. Apparently, men who lacked financial stability favored buxom ladies, while men who were well off preferred a smaller pair of ta-tas.

But wait, lest you think images of busty women are just marketed more toward men of a certain milieu, there’s more. The researchers also presented 66 hungry college dudes and 58 college dudes who just ate with animated female figures with ranging breast sizes to see which they’d find most attractive. The hungry bros definitely preferred big boobs, which basically confirmed that boobs = resources. Or, maybe they all just have mommy issues.

Psychology Today refers to this as “resource insecurity,” which says that boobs are a “signal of fat reserves, which in turn advertises access to resources.” So, the men lacking financial security (a.k.a. the low socioeconomic status and the hungry men) were drawn to the illusion of resources the big boobs carried. Don’t tell this to your big-breasted girlfriend.

In the second study, researchers Christopher Burris and Armand Munteanu tested an alternate, evolutionary theory that breasts have everything to do with fertility. To test this, 67 straight college men filled out a questionnaire about whether or not they wanted kids, then put their favorite size boobs on a stick figure. And as expected, the men who didn’t want to be fathers opted for the smaller stick figure breasts.

All this boob science is deep stuff that literally happens in your subconscious, but keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. Having a thing for big hooters doesn’t mean you’re poor or hungry.

No matter what your personal favorite boob size is, we can’t deny that they are all enchanting.