One Major Reason Men Should Be Having More Sex​ for Their Health

Here’s one prescription you’ll actually be glad to get.

In the final days of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, a new report titled “Prostate Health… Sex, Lies and Misconceptions” was released by New Zealand based natural health researcher Warren Matthews, and it may contain some very good news. According to the report, men as young as 40 should begin adding certain preventative rituals to their daily routines to keep their prostates healthy…and, uh, happy. As with many diseases, prevention is key. Many of the medications prescribed for prostate health have serious side effects such as incontinence, rectal bleeding, and permanent sexual dysfunction. Basically, serious boner-killers.

Luckily, the way to keeping your prostate healthy is simple. Have lots of sex. That’s right, sex. While Western medicine may still believe the only purpose of sex is conception, science doesn’t lie.

When a man doesn’t ejaculate regularly, the prostatic fluid in the prostate, which is one of the main components of semen, becomes stagnant and turns into a funhouse of viruses and bacteria. As stated in the report, “Based on various research, it seems that the stagnation of this prostatic fluid is likely to be one of the significant contributors to prostate health issues.” Long story short, having sex now is probably the best way to keep your man-gland healthy, so you can have even more sex later.

So listen to the scientists and dim the lights, light some candles, and get busy. Your prostate will thank you.

Photos by Getty Images