Why She Secretly Loves the One Night Stand

She has her reasons.

What’s wrong with “one and done?” Assuming (always) that both partners are on board, women secretly love the occasional one-nighter. Whether you met on vacation or locked eyes across the bar, sometimes, she really does want you to hit it and quit it. Here’s why.

1. She can let it all hang out

If she thinks she’ll never see you again, she’ll be a lot more willing to do whatever she wants in bed. That kind of open-minded approach to life is naturally steamier. Both of you can bust out your more unexpected moves and let all your raunchiest fantasies play out, unfettered by commitment. 

2. She doesn’t want brunch

Well, maybe sometimes. But just as often, she wants to hightail it out of there, no questions, no complications and get her day started without suffering awkward pillow talk and searching for her clothes in the light of day.

3. It’s a natural stress-reliever

We all have needs. Without a consistent partner, women may want to let off a little steam, and what better way than with nature’s best work out? A judgment-free one-time fling beats the hell out of going to the gym.

4. She can become someone else for a night

The beauty of a one night stand is that you don’t know each other. This wipes the slate clean and opens the door for her to take on a new character or experiment with tactics she’s never tried. It’s like roleplaying without the costumes.

5. Mystery is sexy

As much as she loves inventing a new persona, it’s just as much of a turn on to wonder about you. The intrigue, the excitement, and maybe even the danger heighten her arousal and make for an intense night at the bedroom rodeo.

6. You won’t get stuck in a sex rut

The trouble with long-term, committed partners is that there’s a higher risk of the sex getting repetitive and stale. Because a one night stand is fresh every time, she’s constantly enticed by experiencing something new with each encounter.

7. She loves spontaneity

A one night stand can happen when you least expect it. Never knowing when and where your next tryst will take place means every night, every trip to the bar holds the promise of steamy relations.

8. It doesn’t have to mean anything

Relationships take work, and there’s no way around it. Women dig sex without expectations as much as you do, and it’s a huge relief for neither one of you to feel guilty about not calling. So-called meaningless sex can still mean a good time for everyone, without any strings attached.

9. Anonymity is luxurious

In today’s era of social media flooding every facet of our lives, it feels like nothing is private anymore. The second you take someone on a date, the interconnected web of friends, coworkers, and exes seem to know instantly. Going home with a complete stranger—without stalking them on Facebook first—provides that secret thrill that’s missing in our over-exposed, wired-in generation.

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