Why She Secretly Loves the Quickie

From pure convenience to raw lust, the reasons vary.

Sure, there are times when you want to take your time, but there’s a strong case to be made for getting down in a hurry. Convenient, spontaneous, and ferociously sexy, the quickie gets a bad rap as the rushed, unsatisfying act of desperate men (and women). But you don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity. The truth is, deep down she loves the occasional quickie, and here’s why.

It means you want her too badly to wait

Sometimes slow is good. Other times, the have-to-have-you-right-this-minute look in your eye will bring her to new levels of arousal that a marathon sheet session can’t evoke. Feeling uncontrollably desired is her ultimate aphrodisiac.

She loves to leave her clothes on

Leave a little something to the imagination. In the rush to rip off layers, it’s easy to miss how sexy she looks with just a few buttons undone and a skirt pulled up to her hips.

She doesn’t want to miss “Game of Thrones” any more than you do

Three minute commercial break? No problem. Now pass the remote.

She doesn’t want to fix her hair or makeup

Take a good look at the effortlessly beautiful girl you’re lusting after. That didn’t happen by accident. A quick roll in the proverbial hay is less likely to leave her running to the bathroom to touch up the lipstick you’ve just sucked off her face.

Sometimes, she’s just too tired to go for hours

She wants to get it on, but she doesn’t want to fall asleep in that 9 AM meeting tomorrow, either. If you’ve been dating for awhile and you’re watching the honeymoon phase fade away in the rearview mirror, quickies keep the romance alive while still acknowledging those eight hours of sleep are a priority.

It’s your best shot at getting it on in public

Whether or not she’ll admit it, she’s almost certainly had a fantasy about doing the deed with the imminent threat of being discovered. In a car or in restaurant bathroom, if you’re aiming to do it in public, she knows mastering the fast-paced bang is your safest bet to get down and get off scot free.

You can always spare a few minutes

Like one of those commercials for Five Minute Abs, the quickie cultivates a “no excuses” attitude. The beauty is that you can squeeze it in anytime, almost anywhere. There’s your daily cardio.

Spur-of-the-moment is sexy

Those short bursts of passion that seemingly come out of nowhere are as surprising as they are alluring. It’s easy to get stuck in a sex rut, but changing it up and throwing down on the kitchen counter as she’s prepping dinner adds an exciting variety into the mix. Just be careful of any errant kitchen tools. Fork wounds = not sexy.

Fast doesn’t mean forgoing a finish

She trusts that she’ll still come first, even if you’ve got a little less time to make it happen.

And finally, she knows you’re saving your energy for next time

Banking a few fast and frenzied trysts means that sooner or later, you’re due for a no holds barred blow out. And that’s something you both won’t mind worth waiting for.

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