Here Are the Real Reasons Why Women Cheat

Every guy in a relationship should read this.


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There are countless shitty feelings in life, including the death of a loved one, dropping the last bite of your banana on the ground (happens to me way too often), and getting cheated on. Oh, Lordy, does it suck to get cheated on.

But no matter how rotten infidelity is, it is really, really common. So common, in fact, that a study published in the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy found that nearly 55 percent of women have extramarital sex at some point during their marriage. Well, goddamn! That is hella shady, my friends.

But if cheating is frowned upon so much, why do so many women do it anyway? Are they just so bored that they need to go out and find another dick to sit on? Are they sociopaths with no sense of empathy? Or are their husbands simply not attentive to their womanly needs? Hmm...

Thanks to some ladies on the confessions app Whisper, as well as the folks over at Daily Mail who rounded up some of the best confessions, we have a pretty good sense of why women cheat on their partners. And honestly, they’re not very surprising reasons, if you think about it.

“I’m addicted to cheating on my boyfriend with other guys who give me attention for a few weeks,” confessed one attention-loving cheater, echoing the voices of many women across America. I mean, what can I say? Some women just love six-week flings and all the different kinds of D that come with it.

“I think I’m afraid to be alone and that’s why I constantly cheat,” another lonely user wrote. Aww. I’m sure there are other ways around that feeling of bleak desolation, but okay.

“I have a boyfriend and I constantly cheat on him behind his back. I don’t feel bad because I’m young and just want to have fun.” Well, as Cyndi Lauper would say, “Girls just wanna have fun.”

“I can’t stop cheating. I love it. It is so exciting and makes me feel alive.” Can’t stop, won’t stop!

And lastly, this user who basically put into words the reason why most women cheat: “I constantly cheat on my husband. It’s not that I don’t love him. I just love sex and he doesn’t give it to me like I want.” Wow. 

Considering sex is the backbone of essentially all marriages, it kinda sorta almost makes sense that she’s cheating on her husband who doesn’t fulfill her sexual needs. But still, it’s not nice to cheat. Not nice at all. I’m sure talking about it would have helped the situation.

Well, the more you know!