Winner of the Week: Change

As we find ourselves just specks in a cosmic dance, one could resort to the tired saying that the only constant in this world is change.

We’ve reached the idle days of summer. The air is thick, and there’s sluggishness in the atmosphere — in the hum of air conditioning, one can sense a veritable miasma of laziness. Amidst it all however, there’s the near-imperceptible passage of cosmic time, the fact that even as things seems to slow down, the long clock continues to tick.

People leave their jobs and planets are flown past, beefs are started and just as quickly concluded. People are traded and people are cut. The tide continues to erode the ground we call our home, while a geologic collision seems imminent. We look at the stars, and even their measureless glimmering reminds us that our time in this realm is not only incredibly brief, but also ever shorter.

Even at this time of year, where the more fortunate of us revert to our natural state of meandering leisure, change occurs, as much as we’d like for things to stay the same, just for one moment. Eventually the fireflies will go away and even the brightest of minds will dim.

But change is not to be despaired. It is natural (the most natural thing perhaps!). Change is what separates supposed winners from supposed losers (in that, those fascinated by winning will almost certainly find themselves a loser one day, and those unperturbed by losing will probably find themselves more of a winner than they could ever imagine).  

Change is our “Winner of the Week,” because it keeps things interesting. It keeps us striving, struggling to make sense of a strange, sometimes cruel, and often times beautiful existence. Do not fear it. 

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