Winner of the Week: Rihanna

Rihanna’s high on life (and y’know, weed).

During this, the high holiest of weeks, the week of 4/20, our winner of the week is Rihanna.

She pretty much wins every week, so in the future we should probably just name April simply “Rihanna.” The 20th of Rihanna. It has a ring to it.

Rihanna started the week as the best bridesmaid ever:

On Monday, Rihanna adorably got the munchies:

Then on Tuesday, she released a “420” influenced track on 4/21, probably because she was… er, preoccupied the day before.

And finally, in a recent photo shoot, she used a coffee cup as a pasty. Because she’s the greatest. Also, a winner. A winner of the week. 

Photos by Paul Morigi/WireImage