Winter Storm Juno Almost Broke the Adult Internet

Traffic rose by up to 26% as people looked for comfort in the warming glow of pornography.

We know that residents of the Northeast were looking to one another for warmth during Monday’s blizzard, but what about those that were out of luck in terms of human companionship? Turns out they were getting busy too, just in a different way.

Pornography giant Pornhub just released a few “handy” infographics that give a sense of just how much traffic increased during the winter storm. It certainly seems like the resident of the Garden State were leading the way in terms of self-care.

But when it came to cities, by far the most stimulated city was Boston, which got hit especially hard by the blizzard. Turns out Beantown didn’t really care about getting knocked out by the storm as they were too busy beating themselves:

This is not an isolated event in terms of porn viewing habits. During especially frigid weather last winter, Pornhub noted an increase in traffic, proving that as the temperatures drop, people tend to grab hold of the warmest part of their body. 

Photos by Getty Images