Women Keep Taking Pictures Of John Stamos After They Have Sex With Him

Have mercy on this man’s privacy!

In an excerpt from “How To F*ck A Woman,” a book whose topic we’ve not yet divined, actor John Stamos opened up about his sex life—a sex life which, by all accounts, is nothing short of godlike.

“A couple of women have wanted ‘selfies’ afterwards,” Stamos tells author Adi Adler. One woman, Stamos says, even asked for his shirt as a souvenir.

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And while we all understand the urge to brag about our sexual conquests, is a selfie really the best expression? Recently, New England Patriot and Super Bowl-champion Julian Edelman was on the receiving end of a post-coital selfie, while New York Giant Odell Beckham Jr. also caught some attention when a woman on Tinder claimed she had sex with him.

With the #aftersex selfie trend on the rise, isn’t it time to consider the very idea of a post-sex photography session gauche? Kissing and telling has always been considered something of a faux pas. Banging-snapping-sharing should not be the new normal. One way or the other, we’ll eventually see post-sex selfie with Stamos caght in the frame, confirming something we’ve known for some time: It’s pretty great to be John Stamos.

Photos by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP