7 Real Women Describe Their Secret Sex Fantasies in Vivid Detail

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You’ve heard the usual Fifty Shades Of Grey BDSM fantasy, and the “have sex in public” fantasy over and over again, from every woman on the planet. Hot, sure, but that’s old news. So we asked a bunch of women for their dirtiest, naughtiest secret sex fantasies, ones that maybe you’ve never heard before. 

Feast your eyes and ears on these seven hot, forbidden fantasies, as told by the women themselves*. You won’t be disappointed.

“I have this fantasy that basically recreates the airplane scene from the music video for ‘Toxic by Britney Spears, but the flight attendant is a guy. I’m sitting in my first class seat on the way to an exotic destination, and the sexy male flight attendant is pouring some champagne for me but “accidentally” spills some on my silk dress, all over my upper thighs. He reaches down to help me wipe the champagne off and slips his hand under my dress. We’re obviously attracted to each other like crazy so he slyly follows me to the bathroom when I get up to clean off. He gets in after me and locks the door. We have passionate, rough sex in the airplane bathroom. Nobody notices, and I never see or hear from him again after that flight.”
-Nadia, 31

“I’m usually not interested in anything but plain, normal sex, but I really want to try double penetration at least once. I’ve seen it in porn so many times and it looks really enjoyable. I don’t care who the two guys are, I just want the experience and that feeling of being completely filled up.”
-Sarah, 24

“I hate going to the doctor, but that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about getting fucked by a doctor in an exam room. When the doctor walks in, he locks the door behind him without saying a single word. He slowly walks up to me and spins me around and bends me over the table. He pulls my panties to the side and fingers me until I’m panting and begging him for more. We have sex, then I thank the good doctor for his excellent patient care before leaving.”
-Loni, 28

“I live on the fourth floor of a building in New York City, and there’s a fire escape that I can climb out onto from my bedroom window. The fire escape overlooks 14th Street, which is a pretty busy street, and ever since I moved into that apartment two years ago I’ve wanted to have sex on the fire escape where everyone on the street can see if they look up. We’d have our clothes on because I don’t want to get arrested, but the thought of having sex over a busy street really turns me on.”
-Quinn, 27

“I’ve always wanted to have a threesome, but not just any threesome. I picture my boyfriend and I going to a bar, and spotting the most beautiful woman there. After we decide on someone, we approach her and have an evening of charming conversation. Then when the time is right I slip my hand onto her leg, then slowly ease my skirt up, revealing lace thigh-high stalkings and a garter built. Without a word, she understands, and we go back to my place for a night of insane sex.”
-Sabrina, 29

“I had a sex dream about my fiancée’s father and ever since that dream I can’t get the idea of having sex with him out of my head. I love my fiancée to death, but I can’t help but fantasize about his father now. I imagine that he’s rough and dominating and tells me to call him Daddy, and has me wear lace lingerie and fluffy high heeled slippers. But to be fair, he’s only in his mid-50’s, he’s tall and fit, and is 100% a silver fox. A perfect Daddy image.”
-Talin, 27

“A guy I dated sophomore year of college had full-length standing mirror by his bed and we would watch ourselves having sex. I thought it was the hottest thing ever, and it made me want to make a sex tape so I could watch myself having sex. It’d be shot from in front of me when I’m on my hands and knees so I can watch him when he’s hitting it from the back.”
-Magda, 22

“I’m dying to dominate a man and be the boss for once. I’d wear a latex bodysuit and black spiked Louboutins, and have a whip in one hand and a feather in the other so I could take turns tickling his balls with the feather and taking the whip to his ass. I’d cover his mouth with black duct tape and pull some The Wolf of Wall Street moves. Real freaky stuff.
-Hannah, 24

*Names have been changed.