Women Want Way More Sex Than You Think, Says Awesome New Survey

Don’t underestimate her sex drive.

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According to an illuminating new study, we now know that men completely underestimate how often their girlfriends want to have sex, leaving tons of women dissatisfied, perpetually horny, and wanting to ride that D train more often than you’d expect.

To come to this conclusion, researchers surveyed a total of 2,383 people in long-term relationships about their sex lives, and about any problems they might be facing in the relationship and in the bedroom.

Most notably, the study found that 60 percent of the women in the study said they definitely want to have more sex than they currently do, meaning the greater majority of men seriously underestimate how often bae wants to get it on.

Come on, dudes!!! What are you doing??? She’s horny and wants the D! It’s your responsibility to give it to her!

The researchers also asked participants what they missed most about the “honeymoon phase,” in order to figure out what kinds of things change throughout the course of a relationship.

The most popular response, coming from 36 percent of participants, was “We did more spontaneous things together,” followed by “We bickered/argued a lot less” with 33 percent. I mean, yeah, monotony and fighting can really suck the fun out of any relationship.

Moving on, 25 percent of respondents said they missed not arguing about finances, while 21 percent said they missed how good the sex was at the beginning of the relationship.

Real talk, though: Who doesn’t love the passionate, I-can’t-get-enough-of-you sex that only happens in the first few months of dating someone?

Lastly, with 20 percent of respondents agreeing, was “Not spending enough quality time together.” 

Yep, that’ll do it. If you’re always in one room and she’s in the other, and you only come together to binge watch Netflix in silence, or something, of course you’re going to get bored of each other.

Grilling the participants even more, the researchers asked what specifically was causing problems in the bedroom, and 37 percent answered “We don’t have enough sex,” 34 percent claimed there was a serious lack of novelty in their sex lives, and 32 percent said their lazy lover was to blame.

Going back to the initial (and very, very) important finding about women wanting more sex, you should also know that when asked what they did when they were horny and bae wasn’t putting out, 40 percent said they watched porn and rubbed one out, 28 percent enlisted the help of a vibrator, and 7 percent admitted to cheating. Yikes.

Well, now you know. When in doubt, just know that your girlfriend is probably just as horny as you are, if not hornier. 

H/T: Metro