One of Women’s Biggest Turn Offs, Explained By Science

This one thing might be costing you more than you realize.

Given that losing ones’ virginity has been the conceit of just about every coming of age movie ever produced, it’s no surprise that being experienced in between the sheets does, in fact, matter.

In an interview with Broadly, Dr. Helen Fisher — an anthropology professor at Rutgers University — explains the reasons why women are finally admitting they don’t want to date virgins. Approximately 42% said they’d be much less likely to get involved with a guy who hasn’t had his V-card punched. Referencing data from her 2013 survey, Fisher surmises, “If you don’t have regular intercourse, then most people see this as a barrier to intimacy. They need time and experience to get to know that person through sex and perfect their sex life together before committing long term.”

So it’s not that being a virgin would make you bad in bed. It’s the implication that men who haven’t taken a ride on the bone bus don’t know what they want yet, and therefore couldn’t really commit.

But of course, you are a paragon of sexual stamina and expertise, so this doesn’t really apply to you, right?

Photos by Renzo79 / Getty Images