This Is What it Looks Like Inside the World’s Most Luxurious Hotel

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13 Living Room.jpg

When you set foot inside the “Entry Level Accommodation” of the completely over-the-top luxury hotel 13, you’ll experience what is perhaps the the most obscene display of costly hotel design and decor you’ve ever laid eyes on. 

From the “floor to ceiling baroque details,” to the velvet-canopied king-sized bed — not to mention the Roman bath that can be hidden by a retractable marble floor — this first glimpse into renderings of a $1.4 billion Chinese hotel makes us believe that it can deliver on its mantra as “The Gateway to the World’s Most Luxurious Experiences.”

The brainchild of former investment banker and billionaire Stephen Hung, 13 was created to “establish a new standard for luxury hotels by seeking to recapture the values of a golden age when all luxury was bespoke, artisanal and personalized.” 

Well, we’re not sure what the all means, but we do know that the luxury isn’t bound to the guest rooms. Guests can be carted around in one of 30 custom Rolls-Royce Phantoms, stop by to shop at an invitation-only L’Atelier clothing store, and have a personal butler on standby at all times. 

And each of the rooms will be decorated with a remarkable amount of detail. Check out the renderings, below: 

The living room of the hotel’s standard villa will be lavishly furnished with custom pieces, a ceiling painted in the style of the Sistine Chapel, and gold Greek columns. 

A velvet canopy houses a royally decorated king-sized bed.

The Roman bath capable of holding 6-8 guests is situated below a crystal chandelier, and can be covered by an elaborate retractable marble floor when not in use. 

Because a private elevator just doesn’t cut it in 13, each room is accessed by elevator and then through an elevator lobby, so the people who can’t access your private elevator have a place to wait. 

Each of the villas are expected to go for around $100,000 per night — but if you can’t swing that, you can watch a full virtual tour for free. 

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 h/t Elle Decor, Daily Mail