The World’s Weirdest Bars

It’s time to take a head-spinning journey around the globe with Tatiana Mercer, international party girl and founder of bar-review Web site

Sick of the same shitty wings at the local sports bar? Tired of hearing sorority girls screech on the dance floor every time a remix of “Call Me Maybe” comes on? Then it’s time to take a head-spinning journey around the globe with Tatiana Mercer, international party girl and founder of bar-review Web site She’s flown thousands of miles and put in hundreds of sleepless nights to bring you the 10 craziest bars in creation. So buckle up and keep a barf bag handy. 

Gruyères, Switzerland

H.R. Giger Museum Bar

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to imbibe in the belly of a fossilized prehistoric creature? Wonder no more: Alien set designer and apparent bone aficionado H.R. Giger designed this gloriously gothic bar. Pick your poison and enjoy some cheerful conversation. Make “Wanna bone?” jokes and you still get tossed out.

Eliat, Israel

Red Sea Star Bar

A cross between the Little Mermaid’s treasure trove and a James Bond set, this very literal watering hole is submerged almost 20 feet below the Red Sea and reached only by crossing a 230-foot bridge from shore. Enter through a hatch above water and make your way downstairs to grab a table, each of which has windows (beside and above), so you and a date can drink like fish while gazing at them.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sugarloaf Kiosk’s Bar

This mountaintop bar is accessible only two ways: a 65-passenger cable-car ride or a 1,299-foot climb to reach the top. It’s steep, but the view is worth it, so suck it up, tubby. Grab a couple of caipirinhas at the bar and you won’t feel a thing when you fall back down. 

Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Rock

Eat, drink, and tan at this picturesque seafood restaurant and bar that rises on a rock not far from the shores of Michanwi Pingwe beach. In really low tide, you can walk to it, but if the tide is up, you might have to swim (just realize that your chances of getting laid decline significantly if you show up in art floaties).

Limpopo, South Africa

Baobab Tree Bar

Sorry, Pops, but this place puts your childhood tree house to shame. The bar is located inside a huge 72-foot-high, 6,000-year-old baobab tree. The woody wonder attracts tree huggers and beer chuggers alike.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


Feel like it’s time to leave your tequila-swigging, spring-break-Mazatian days behind and appreciate some of Mexico’s natural beauty? Head to this 10,000-year-old cave and feign surprise that it’s also a bar! Eat, drink, and enjoy thousands of stalactites and stalagmites for company.

Truskavets, Ukraine


What makes the world’s largest coffin exponentially more exciting than the largest ball of twine? The fact that the 66-foot-long, 20-foot-wide, and 20-foot-high casket is actually a bar run by undertakers. A little morbid, but we hear people are dying to get in.

Stockholm, Sweden

The Jumbo Stay

Join the mile-high club without ever leaving the ground! Found on a disused runway in Sweden, this hostel-bar is inside an old 747 jet (gets you better legroom than a standard 747 jet). Don’t go just for drinks–stay the weekend in one of its economy-versions-of-Air Force One suites. If you abide by the dress code (pilots and stewardesses), you may even get the keys to the cockpit.

Manila, Phillipines

Hobbit House

Calling all fantasy freaks: If the 37-hour director’s cut DVD set isn’t enough, then get your tiny-person fix at this Lord of the Rings-themed bar, which takes the concept very seriously and employs only little people. They love it, the locals love it, everyone loves it. (Except Sauron–he’s a dick.)

Tokyo, Japan

Alice In Wonderland

This place is based around Lewis Carroll’s delirious story, with all the psychedelic decorations and costumes you might expect and more than a hundred different cocktails to choose from. Prepare for mental meltdown in its 2,254-square-foot space. Also, prepare for the bill: Zaniness don’t come cheap! 

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