15 Of The Most Hilariously Pathetic Sexts Ever Sent

“I’d love to eat a scoop of ice cream from between your butt cheeks.”

Our phones have become a major part of our sex lives, helping us take care of very important things, like finding someone to hook up with on Tinder, and then sending our Tinder hook-ups steamy sexts when the mood strikes.

About sexting: Did you know that people who sext are more sexually satisfied than those who don’t? Really! According to recent research, “greater levels of sexting were associated with greater sexual satisfaction, especially for those in a relationship.” Nice.

But as hot as it is to send a perfectly crafted sext at the right time to the right person, some people seem to think that sending a horribly cringe-worthy ‘sext’ is a fantastic opening line to employ on Tinder, and will do absolute wonders to break the ice with their new match. Ha. It’s funny how wrong that is. 

Luckily, those sad yet delightful sexts always seem to end up on the internet for us to laugh at, and for your viewing pleasure, I rounded up 15 of the worst, cringiest, and most hilarious Tinder messages that have ever happened in the history of dating apps, so that you, too, can laugh along with me.

1. This dude wasted no time letting the world know he’s a freak.

2. Rob really needs to chill. 

3. If only all men were this romantic…

4. Charming.

5. “I, too, have a Big Bird kink,” said no one ever.

6. I’m sure all women find Harry Potter dick jokes endearing.

7.  Goddammit, Alex.

8. What a beautiful poem!

9. Smooooth.

10. Contrary to popular belief, romance is not dead.

11. SAME.

12. Lord Almighty.

13. Okay.

14. At least he’s asking nicely.

15. Probably not, Ralph. Sorry.