Would You Stay in These See-Through Cliffside Death Traps?

You’ll want to add “nerves of steel” to your packing list.

If you’re looking to experience the sheer thrill of wondering whether or not you’re about to fall hundreds of feet to a certain, rock-lined death, perhaps a trip to Peru is in your future. These transparent, mountain-side pods are known as Skylodge, owned by Natura Vive, a Peruvian touring company. 

Made from weather-proof aerospace aluminum and polycarbonate, each of the three pods offers stunning views from the Andes mountains. But here’s the catch: they’re only accessibly by climbing the nearly 400 feet up the mountain face in order to get there.

But minimalist comforts await the intrepid athlete who wants to gamble their life against the chance to spend the night getting an eyeful usually reserved for the birds—four twin beds, plus a dining area and private bathroom (thankfully).

It’ll run you $300 a night, and if I were you, I’d probably keep my money. And my pulse.