There’s a Gym Where Men Pay To Get Knocked Out By Sexy Female Professional Wrestlers

Bet you never heard of this type of fetish before.

With over 7.4 billion people in the world, it’s only natural that there are countless sexual fetishes, such as sitting on cakes with your bare ass, licking eyeballs, and doing unspeakable things with balloons.

While there are thousands of bizarre fetishes you’ve never heard of, here’s one that’ll really make you question human sexuality: being beat silly by a strong, muscular woman who happen to be a professional wrestler.

That’s right, there are men who get off on being slapped around and knocked unconscious by female professional wrestlers. In fact, there’s a gym in London dedicated to it, called The Submission Room.

Owned and operated by a lovely female wrestler by the name of Pippa the Ripper, The Submission Room is a safe haven where kinky men as old as 70 are presented with a team of 23 professional female fighters, and then get their ass handed to them by the lady of their choice. Sexy!

“It’s the sort of business that can vary and fluctuate from week to week but I would say on average we have 15 to 20 men that come every week and we charge £150 a session,” says Pippa the Ripper.

“There are some men who call with unusual requests but it’s mainly just to do with outfits. Some guys specify that they want us wearing tights. Sometimes a skirt. Nothing too crazy and as long as the girls are comfortable, we accommodate them.”

“The guys that come here come for all sorts of different reasons. Some are married, some single, some in relationships.”

One of the clients, a kinky fellow named Steve, apparently really enjoys getting the shit beat out of him by women. “I don’t want to roll about on this floor with a sweaty bloke. No offence to people that do and I’m not homophobic or anything. I’d just rather be rolling around with a pretty girl that’s all,” he says.

“It’s just so amusing to be pinned down and hurt by little girls. I mean what’s not to love?! The girls here are all like my daughters. Most of them are slightly younger than my daughter.”

That’s so great, Steve. Not weird at all.

Anyway, men have the option to “tap out” if they find they’ve had enough, but some men specifically request to get the daylights knocked out of them. And The Submission Room’s resident K.O. specialist is none other than former dominatrix Amethyst Hammerfist.

“It’s very sensual,” she says about the sheer joy of delivering the coup de grâce. “The guys have to consent to it and a lot of guys request that I do NOT knock them out because they know I love it so much.

“In the last year and a half, I have knocked quite a few guys out. It’s amazing, especially if it is during a session that is really intense and it can be electric. I love to knock guys out when I’m looking at them right in the eyes.”

She sounds delightful. I’m sure it’s a great honor to be smothered by her muscular thighs.

Well, if you happen to be in the London area and you have penchant for getting your ass kicked by female professional wrestlers, be sure to visit The Submission Room, and please, send my regards.