XS Nightclub Now Has Working Cannons, Lots of Lasers

It’s all part of a $10 million upgrade to the country’s highest-grossing megaclub. 

A trip to Vegas isn’t complete without a trip to XS. The aptly-named megaclub located inside the Wynn Encore, is America’s top grossing nightclub, a place where $1 million bottles of champagne are regularly purchased and the VIP area is crowded with the likes of Beyonce and Floyd Mayweather. World-class DJs —think Avicii, David Guetta, and Kaskade—often spin and the 5,000 seat club creates the type of only-in-Vegas-fun that people take to their grave.

But in a city that has come to be known as the American offspring of Ibiza, talent and a cool crowd get you only so far. To that end, XS managing partner Jesse Waits has recently overseen a $10-million array of over-the-top enhancements that accompany the big beats and ups the ante on the in-club atmosphere. Waits tells us what to expect—besides luxe bottle service and lots of skirts—next time we table up at XS.

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1. Beats Are Met With  a  Boom

Cannons shoot 20-foot bursts of fire over a swimming pool that’s adjacent to the open-walled club. “They accentuate big drops,” says Waits, pointing out that the cannon operator needs to know his EDM in order to avoid ill-timed shots. Stand in the right spot, he adds, and “you can feel the heat.”

2. There’s Always a  Light Show

Inside the club, you can already see laser lights skittering below the ceiling and forming abstract shapes. In short order, says Waits, there will be more. “We have lasers drawing designs and writing out the DJs’ logos; that’s be the experience inside,” he says. “Outside, we have more lasers and LED monitors in the trees. That gives something special to the people near the pool.”

3.The DJ Booths Double As Living Stages

The DJ booth is enlarged and houses its own light show. “There are LEDs with 3-D images,” says Waits. “In front of the booth, there’s a four-sided-screen that shows video content before the DJ starts his set. Then it drops down as he’s introduced.”

4. Lights and Lots of Action

There are 14,000 LED nodes, which are basically small balls of computerized light, distributed through the club and programmed to operate in synch with one another. Augmenting the lasers, they coordinate visually and draw you into the music. “The idea,” says Waits, “is for the lights to be layered so that they essentially tell a story. We’re not just creating a nightclub here. We’re creating a DJ experience with energy and a vibe.”