You Can Actually Rent This Floating Houseboat in London

Check out your new sea-worthy vacation digs.

If you’ve always wanted to see London from a new perspective, might we suggest setting sail on a floating house? Your dreams of water-bound adventure might be even more affordable than you think: for the next two days, you can enter for a chance to stay at this house on Airbnb for free.

Designed by brothers Nick and Steve Tidball, the Floating House will sail serenely down the Thames in London for the next few days. After which, it will become a rentable property for community events and stays. They wanted it to feel more like a home than a boat, so the two-bedroom space is equipped with a roomy kitchen and living room, as well as an outdoor area with real grass and plenty of greenery. Throughout, they’ve kept a nautical motif that fits with the home’s sea-legs, but still feels modern.

And who knows, with enough interest, perhaps the designers will make this a permanent listing on Airbnb?

Photos by Mikael Buck / airbnb