You Can Now Buy a Robotic Twerking Butt Because the Future Is Here and it Is Beautiful

The TwerkingButt takes sex toys to a whole new level. 

Have you ever felt the urge to penetrate a disembodied robotic butt? (It’s cool, we won’t judge.) Your prayers have been answered: PornHub and Topco Sales joined forces to create the TwerkingButt, a revolutionary new sex toy that’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

TwerkingButt features the much-lauded Cyberskin+ technology, which mimics the elasticity, softness, friction, and temperature of real human skin. If your Fleshlight’s lost its novelty, this incredibly realistic, shapely butt heats up to 98.6 degrees Farenheit, features six massage settings for different pressure (and pleasure) sensations, and vibrates, to boot. The TwerkingButt also includes a VR headset for the ultimate immersive cybersex experience. All of those features are included in the classic version, which retails for $699, though the launch special has it selling for $499. 

There’s also a deluxe version ($999, $799 with the launch special) that includes the TwerkingButts eponymous feature: twerking. After downloading the TwerkingButt app, you can control the playlist the butt twerks to, the twerking patterns, and more, all from the ease of your smart phone or tablet.  

This informational video will walk you through everything it took to develop TwerkingButt, because this is one truly miraculous scientific breakthrough you’re going to want to see in action.

As for me? I don’t have any particular sexual use for the TwerkingButt, but it would sure would be nice to have a butt sidekick that I’d carry around in my tote bag, ride the subway with, and whisper all my deepest hopes and dreams to. And to think that I can have all that, for a mere $499. What a time to be alive.