108-Year-Old Claims Champagne Is the Secret to a Long, Happy Life

The British senior citizen believes in the restorative powers of bubbly—and chocolate.

Champagne Promo
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As we age, it sometimes feels like it’s just a process of giving up fun stuff: Eating bad food, dialing back certain types of activity due to aches and pains, cutting down on or giving up drinking. Does it have to be? At least one senior citizen in the U.K. would likely say no.

In a HuffPost UK report on Dorothy Flowers, who turned 108 on October 22, her caretakers revealed she is a stalwart fan of champagne and chocolate and still just living as well as she is able.

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And, as for her secret to living well past 100? Dorothy believes it’s all about the chocolate and champagne.

Discussing the latter, the care home’s Helene Ballinger said: “It’s the only thing we ever see her finish a glass of. Needless to say, we’ve been toasting her birthday – no one said life in a care home had to be boring.”

Dorothy Flowers joins something of a chorus of elders who are unapologetic consumers of what some would call vices. 

Then again, there have been legit studies that say alcohol, coffee, and being overweight (at least a little) could aid longevity. 

So skip that trip to the gym and grab a beer. Seems like you don’t always need to live in self-denial to have a long, happy life.