Cancun Chaos: Drug War Blamed For 14 Murders In 36 Hours in Mexican Party Town

This is terrifying.

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Cancun’s murder rate reached staggering new heights earlier this month after 14 people were murdered in just 36 hours. Five others sustained gunshot wounds in six separate incidents. 

It’s an atrocious new record for one of the country’s most popular party destinations. 

The New York Post has further details: 

The figures surpass Cancun’s previous record of nine killings in a day, which was set on Nov. 25, 2004.

More than 100 people have been slaughtered in Cancun since the beginning of 2018, as Mexico’s cartels continue to spread fear through the country.

A turf war between feuding Mexican cartels is being blamed for the escalated violence. As USA Today notes, the United States’ opioid epidemic has contributed as gangs scramble to seize opium-producing poppy territories for heroin production.

The Mexican federal police patrol a beach in Cancun, Mexico.

One is by headed former cop-turned-drug queen Leticia Rodriguez Lara, aka “Dona Lety.” The 48-year-old gangster was arrested with her son by Mexican authorities in August.

According to Nine News in Australia, “[Rodriguez] has spent the past four years prying control of the resort city and the neighboring Playa del Carmen from the Los Zetas and other local drug cartels.”

Corrupt officials connected to Rodriguez were also arrested. 

Per Nine News: 

Two federal police officers are also facing organised crime charges in the case.

They allegedly reported on police and military operations against Rodriguez’s Sinaloa cartel and on rivals like the Jalisco and Gulf cartels and the Pelones gang.  

A Mexican court recently ruled that the kingpin must stand trail for her crimes. Even with Rodruiguez off the street, there’s no telling whether Cancun will bounce back as tourists and citizens continue to be ravaged by drug-related violence.

In other words, go visit a Señor Frog’s elsewhere.