Meet 3 Millennial Givers Redefining Philanthropy

These rising young charity leaders are merging charity and social responsibility.

Tommaso Chiabra
Tommaso Chiabra

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The mere mention of the word “philanthropist” may conjure images of austere hospital wings, beloved but weathered university buildings, and red-velvet ensconced theaters—all of them displaying burnished signs that name benefactors long forgotten and bear dates long past.

However, by contrast, the successful millennial philanthropist is defining himself to be a vibrant, compelling, and motivated individual who walks amongst us every day in the fast lane. They start companies and bake generosity right in to the corporate culture; the giving grows right along with the company’s bottom line. Promoting important causes such as health and wellness, the arts, and the environment, today’s philanthropists are leaving their mark on the world in a profound way.

Meet three notable next-gen leaders in giving and the worthy causes they’ve taken up.

Tommaso Chiabra

When it comes to social impact, Tommaso Chiabra chooses an international scope for his charitable endeavors.

Shortly after concluding his studies, Tommaso and his business partner set out to achieve success in the luxury space. Interested in high yield pursuits, their strategy was to capitalize on their combined skillsets and networks and apply it towards lucrative assets, such as Yachts, which he did in founding Royal Yacht Brokers. A decade later, Royal Yacht is now the world-wide leading company in the yacht brokerage industry. After this highly successful foray into the international luxury yacht business, Tommaso continues to grow his portfolio by targeting companies promoting social responsibility and green economies for acquisition.

The powerful combination of Tommaso’s business savvy, socialite connectivity, and compassion for those in need is a much-needed catalyst for positive outcomes for children in need.

Although his holding company’s portfolio is diversified, Tommaso has chosen a singular focus for his charitable work with UNICEF. “Before UNICEF I supported many different charities and causes. But UNICEF fights for every child’s concern, and I believe that our world lies in the hands of our children.”

Tommaso first connected with UNICEF in 2016. And while their mission resonated with him, it was his field visit to Sierra Leone in 2018 that cemented his resolve to make a difference in the lives of children around the world.

“No words could ever properly describe the smiling liveliness of the children’s eyes I stared into, the sweet resilience showed by the numerous mothers we met, the steady determination of the UNICEF staff and the sincere gratitude with which their efforts are met by the entire community.”

With the same strategy he leveraged to start his yacht brokerage, Tommaso set out to capitalize on his well-honed business skills and extensive business and social connections to contribute to UNICEF in a meaningful way.

Enter the Luisaviaroma Sardinia Gala—a star-studded event run by a star-studded board of directors. Tommaso created the concept and served as the charter fundraising chairman. “I discussed the concept of an over-the-top gala with a few friends in the fashion world to see if they would be interested in joining forces.” The resounding success of the inaugural Sardinia Gala, in which Tommaso and his partners raised over $4 million (along with many new corporate deals for UNICEF) in 2018 became a precedent for future editions.

Never one to stand still, Tommaso’s newest endeavor is UNICEF Next Gen in Italy. Tommaso established this organization for the up-and-coming young entrepreneurs who want to put themselves and their skills at use for good cause—spawning a cadre of like-minded benevolent soldiers.

Dr. Danial Naysan, D.D.S.

All for Smiles and Smiles for All

Daniel Naysan

Whether a high-profile celebrity or a recipient of free clinic services, Dr. Naysan’s kind demeanor and deft hands immediately put his patients at ease. Dr. Naysan delivers confidence to Los Angeles, one smile at a time.

As director of the Bedford Dental Group in Beverly Hills, he’s established a business recognized both as a leading-edge dental practice and as one of the most philanthropic medical institutions in the US.

Dr. Naysan is one of the largest independent medical donors to the LA Children’s Hospital. He has a close connection to the institution due to a young relative’s sudden and serious need for medical care. “Having witnessed firsthand the impact the LA Children’s Hospital had on the families and the children affected, I felt like it was my duty to help in any way I could.”

Bedford Dental Group also contributes significantly to its neighboring communities that are underserved.

“Many people are familiar with the important work of organizations like Dentists Without Borders. There’s no shortage of people in need right here in Los Angeles. When it comes to giving, I focus my energy right here in LA.”

Dr. Naysan provides dental education and care to embattled communities—providing the fundamental care so instrumental to overall long-term health. Further, well aware of the boost to self confidence that comes with an attractive smile—and the connection between confidence and good choices—Dr. Naysan donates services to numerous programs that help kids get the dental procedures needed so they can smile with confidence.

Dr. Naysan innovated the “smile makeover” procedure, which is recognized as a gold-standard cosmetic procedure in modern dentistry. After a comprehensive evaluation and depending on the patient’s needs, a smile makeover—comprising architecture, art, and science—may include custom porcelain veneers, gum lifts, dental implants, cosmetic bonding, and teeth whitening. The procedures are carefully coordinated to accentuate the patient’s unique facial features, expressions, and complexion. The smile makeover—and Dr. Naysan’s contribution to LA—is truly transformative.

In the spirit of sparking positive changes for the New Year, Dr. Naysan has agreed to change the lives of lucky constituents of the charities Maxim supports by giving a signature smile makeover to up to 5 winners in need of dental work.

Emily Gugliemo

Mermaid and Clean-Water Muse

A profound, lifelong connection with the ocean inspired both an intriguing cosmetics line and a water-centric nonprofit. Emily Gugliemo—known nationally as The American Mermaid—grew up with a dad who took her to the beach instead of to the mall. She forged a relationship with water that has become her raison d’etre.

This seasoned diver and professional Mermaid developed a cosmetics line- Emily Alexandra Cosmetics- to meet her requirements for waterproof, luxurious colors developed to be strictly vegan, cruelty free, and even ocean friendly. As a water enthusiast, Emily noticed the danger of human grooming products seeping into the marine ecosystem—not just sunblock, but makeup and hair products as well. Emily knew change was critical to the survival of her beloved ocean.

These values, so on point with millennial market demand, paired with her resonant social media strategy, catapulted Emily Alexandra Cosmetics to resounding success in the high-end, high-fashion cosmetics industry. The product line’s color palette, like Emily’s personality, is unflinchingly bold, soul inspiring, and gently coaxes fantasy to life.

But her financial success alone wasn’t enough to quench Emily’s thirst. While Emily is proud of the way Emily Alexandra Cosmetics addresses environmental-impact issues, she wanted to do more on a personal level. Believing clean drinking water is a basic human right, she started the nonprofit organization,, in October, 2018

Emily Alexandra Cosmetics leverages technology to provide fresh drinking water to those in need. Portable drinking straws protect water-compromised communities—whether due to acute crisis or ongoing drought—against waterborne bacteria and viruses like typhoid, cholera, E. coli, dysentery, and diarrhea. The straws filter fresh water from almost any available source, providing desperately needed clean water in developing nations.

While traveling the world performing Mermaid shows and promoting Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, Emily spreads the word on ocean conservation. Further, the company donates a percentage of the proceeds from each cosmetics purchase to Emily’s charity works in partnership with Water Is Life. Additionally, she generously lends her unique and charismatic Mermaid celebrity status to support like-minded causes. spreads Emily’s passion for this pristinely simple and life-giving molecule. Water.

The growing prominence of caused-based brands—spearheaded by millennials—cultivates an exciting contemporary climate of generosity and awareness.

It’s thanks to industry leaders such as Emily, Dr. Naysan, and Tommaso that outright generosity now plays a central role in today’s culture, challenging and encouraging all of us who can to step outside of our comfort zones to reach a hand out to those in need.

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