5 Rising Female Entrepreneurs to Watch Right Now

These business-savvy beauties are blowing up.

Kamila Davies

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Meet five rising female entrepreneurs who are building successful careers as entrepreneurs, moguls, designers, influencers, and trendsetters.

Tamar Kaprielle

Dimetri Hogan

Tamar Kaprielle is the epitome of the modern, do-it-all businesswoman and brand spokesperson. In fact, she is the designer, face, and operations manager for one of today’s most luxurious organic beauty brands, the strikingly unique Kaprielle. She and her team of influential ambassadors produce some of the most engaged beauty tutorial content on the web. Her mission is to heighten the self-worth, aesthetic excellence, and hygienic education of millions of Gen Z and millennial audiences, which her precocious young brand are well on the way to doing.

Ashley Liz Cooper

Dimetri Hogan

A native of Southfield, Michigan, rising star Ashley Liz Cooper is one of the most prolific female entrepreneurs coming out of the social media world. Rather than rely solely on looks and fan engagement on Instagram, the enterprising actress turned influencer has leveraged her magnetism into her own own podcast show while at the same time designing an international fashion brand. Ashley’s evolution from social media into industry is paving a seminal and inspirational pathway for her 500,000-plus followers.

Victoria Myers

Dimetri Hogan

One of the most confounding, yet inspirational stories to come out of the influencer industry recently has been that of content creator, thought leader and artist Victoria Myers. After fearlessly escaping from the religious cult she was born into, Victoria dedicated herself to fearlessly breaking boundaries, which she does–extremely successfully–across a variety of mediums, from modeling to social media to abstract contemporary art, interior design, and ceramics. Now, Myers is building an audience through her polarizing podcast–which explores the prevalence of antiquated, oppressive social and religious institutions in modern culture and addresses how women can transcend these difficult limitations to attain independence, success, and liberation in their own lives.

Kaitlin Robbins

Dimetri Hogan

Also making a big name for herself in the fitness industry is model-turned- yoga practice owner Kaitlin Robbins. She debuted her own yoga brand, Kaitlin Robbins Yoga, and has dedicated her life to nourishing and building the complete mind/body/spirit health of her booming clientele in the Los Angeles area.

Kamila Davies


There is no neophyte influencer more exciting to watch than Kamila Davies. The Arizona native has blown up in an obscure market, growing her following on Instagram to nearly 400,000 followers. Now that she is based in LA and is taking modeling and content creation on full time, watch for this bombshell to quickly rise to the top of the fashion pyramid.