5 Great Places Where You Can Retire On Just $30,000 a Year

Start planning your permanent vacation today.

Paradise Beach Resort

When people get close to retirement age, a funny thing can happen: They start wanting to get the hell away from it all. “All” in this case meaning the entire country. The prospect of living in another place entirely, far from where you once lived and worked, can be very alluring. 

However, budget might stop most folks cold. Living in another nation will surely cost a mint, and most retirees aren’t necessarily making bank, right?

Surfing in Costa Rica

Well, it’s true retirees don’t always rake it in, but you might be shocked to find there are some very desirable destinations outside the United States where one can easily live out retirement years in comfort and not pay through the nose for the privilege of doing so. 

Research indicates the average monthly social security check is about $1,404, according to CNBC. That’s not a lot. But via the financial news-centered cable network we learn that International Living has listed 5 destinations where you won’t even need to make that kind of money stretch. Here they are.

1. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

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International Living reports that you can live in this gorgeous town for “$2,025 a month, or $24,300 a year.” The weather is deal and the beaches are gorgeous. Sign us up.

2. Lagos, Portugal

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This coastal city’s cost of living is just “$2,080 a month, or $24,960 a year.” Lagos checks the same boxes as Puerto Viejo–perfect climate, beaches–but also boasts a pedestrian-friendly environment, as the town is fairly flat and easy to walk.

3. Akumal, Mexico

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Yeah, there’s a pattern here: Tropical and warm always wins. In Akumal you can also get by on $26,880 a year, with bonus opportunities for swimming in a crystal clear bay and communing with sea turtles.  

4. Volcan, Panama

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You can reportedly get by in Volcan on a mere $18,000 a year, or a paltry $1,500 a month. There are some caveats: It’s gorgeous countryside with temperate weather, but retirees will need to brush up on their Spanish to get by.

5. Medellin, Colombia

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Medellin’s past as a hub for South American cocaine traffickers is in the past. Today you could comfortably retire there for $24,000 a year, or $2,000 monthly. Best of all there are still tons of city amenities, like restaurants, bars and museums. The Wall Street Journal recently dubbed Medellin “one of South America’s most dynamic destinations.”