Watch Two Dudes Get Into an All-Out Brawl Aboard an Airplane Headed to L.A. From Japan

No, it wasn’t a United flight.

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Two aggravated men got into a rowdy fist fight while waiting for their L.A.-bound flight to depart from Narita, Japan. The original video has been taken down, but you can still watch a version of it above courtesy of TMZ .

The footage doesn’t provide evidence as to why the altercation began, but a female All Nippon Airways flight attendant can be seen desperately trying to diffuse the situation. A baby can also be heard crying in the background, which is totally normal considering they’re on an airplane. 

Image: Twitter/Corey Hour

Curiously, the man in the black shirt throws four or five punches, then suddenly retreats and yells, “Can somebody help me? This guy is crazy!” 

The Twitter user who posted the original video, Corey Hour, claims to have confronted the man in the red shirt. Pretty bold move considering he has tats on his forearm, which means he probably knows jiu jitsu.  

Before exiting the plane, the man reportedly yelled “You think I’m crazy? What about the government!” whatever that means. 

But the most insane part of the story might be Hour’s allegations that the man in the red shirt was actually a hit man. Whether that’s true remains to be seen, but it’s still a terrifying idea. 

Image: Twitter via Bro Bible

And after the camera quit rolling, things only got worse. According to Japan Today, the man in the red shirt, who ANA believes was intoxicated, hit a female passenger after being asked to deboard, and then allegedly tried to choke out an ANA employee.

He eventually was removed from the flight, and was subsequently arrested and charged with assault.

Air travel just isn’t all that appealing these days, is it? 

h/t: Fox News