A British Genius Invented an Alcohol Substitute That Won’t Give You a Hangover

Advil’s stock is about to plummet.

Thanks to the wonders of science, there may be a way to skip all of the awful after-effects of knocking back a few too many. 

David Nutt, a neuropsychopharmocology professor at Imperial College London and former adviser on substance abuse to the British government, has synthesized an alcohol substitute called Alcarelle that can deliver the giddy feelings that come with a buzz without causing a painful hangover.

According to The Washington Post:

The various compounds that Nutt has developed work in one of two ways. Some replicate the direct effects of alcohol, specifically affecting the area of the brain that makes you feel loose but not the area that makes you fall-down drunk. Others mimic the indirect effects of alcohol, altering your serotonin or dopamine levels so that you might feel happier or more energetic.

Alcarelle is the brand name for the combination of chemical compounds Nutt calls “alcosynths” that mimic the effects of alcohol. And amazingly, it’s calorie-free.

While the Post reports that it hasn’t undergone any regulatory or scientific review, Nutt has taken the first steps in getting Alcarelle to the public. 

Nutt has pursued patents for roughly 90 chemical compounds that have the effect of knocking a couple back, and two of those lab creations have already been tested in humans. They could come to a bar near you if his newly formed company, also called Alcarelle, can raise the money needed to bring it to market, he said. The substitute would be sold as a liquid and added to your favorite cocktail or nonalcoholic beverage in lieu of vodka, rum, gin or other libations.  

It’s unclear when we’ll be able to get out hands on Alcarelle, but Nutt is currently eyeing investors to fund his brilliant project. 

“I’ve gone from this stage of being just me, the mad scientist, to having business partners,” says Nutt. “They’re the people who are hopefully going to get me the investors.”  

Something tells us that if it works as well as he says it does, people will have no problem coughing up oodles of cash to jump start the Alcarelle business.