Infowars’ Alex Jones Claims He Had Sex With More Than 150 Women By Age 16


Controversial right-wing pundit Alex Jones is never shy to offer up a wacky new conspiracy theory: that nobody actually died in the Sandy Hook Massacre, that the Pulse nightclub shooting was an inside job, that “Pizzagate” was an actual thing, or that Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime performance was actually satanic.

Now, he is arguing his most improbable theory yet: that he slept with around 150 women by the tender age of 16.

It is far-fetched indeed, but let’s hear him out. 

“When I was 16, I didn’t want to party any more. I didn’t want to play games any more. I grew up. I’d already been in the fights, all the big rituals. I’d already had probably – I hate to brag, but I’m not bragging, it’s actually shameful – probably 150 women, or more, that’s conservative.” 

“I’d already had over 150 women. I’d already been in fights with full-grown men. I was already dating college girls by the time I was 15-years-old. I was already a man at 16.”

The proclamation perhaps doesn’t come at the best time. Jones is currently locked in a nasty custody battle, wherein lawyers have replayed his hot-headed doomsday rantings to demonstrate he is unfit to be a father.

But certainly not unfit to be a lover…

So what do you think of AJ’s claim? Yay or NEIGH?