Alyssa Milano’s ‘Revealing Dress’ at Kavanaugh Hearing Criticized By Internet Trolls

They tried (and failed) to body shame the activist actress.

Alyssa Milano Promo
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Alyssa Milano appeared at Thursday’s Capitol Hill hearing to show support for Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

The actress, activist, and former Maxim cover model shot the Supreme Court justice nominee an ice cold stare and held up a booklet with a bold-font cover that read, “I BELIEVE SURVIVORS.”

But that didn’t stop internet trolls from criticizing her dress.

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“Lets [sic] have the hypocritical black dress brigade tell us how victimized they are,” one snarky Twitter user wrote. 

Incredulously, others mocked her cleavage and said she looked like a “vile [sic] disgusting old hag.”

None of those insults went viral. But one tweet from Entertainment Tonight writer Meredith Kile did rack up 120,000 likes (and counting) from people who appreciated a clever reference to Milano’s stint as a TV witch on the beloved show Charmed. 

“I’ve never wished so hard that Alyssa Milano was a real witch,” Kile wrote.  

More of Milano’s defenders called critics of her attire “part of the problem” and pointed out the irony of fixating on a woman’s clothing during a a discussion about sexual assault.

One thing’s for sure: No one can rightly attack Milano for standing up for what she believes in.