Baltimore Rapper Releases Violent Anti-Trump Song, Police Don't Care

"Don't come to Baltimore unless you wanna die doe"
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Internet personality Dooley (also known as Abdel Ibrahim) is not a rapper. But that didn't stop the 19-year-old from teaming with a few friends for his "Choppa in a Trunk 4 Donald Trump" diss track. "Boy aint even white; you yellow! You said you'd date your own daughter; you a sicko!" one of the participants raps. The song's hook takes a violent turn when the group yells "We got a choppa in the trunk," referring to the slang term for a firearm.

Though Ibrahim and his friends were just playing—he said as much in a Baltimore Sun interview: "We dropped that video for fun,"—Trump supporters and conservatives have taken authorities to task for not taking it seriously. 

Twitter user Mark Shouldice added some fuel to the fire. Shouldice—who lists "media analyst" and "author" in his bio and has self-published conspiracy-laden works like The Illuminati in Hollywood—claimed the team behind the video were associates of known murderers.

Shouldice's claim may even be true but police are clearly unconcerned in this case, likely because Ibrahim is a comedian and doesn't appear to have any real intent to reach for a choppa in his trunk. 

As for possibly inciting his friends to do the task for him, Ibrahim could simply claim he's taking his lead from Trump himself.

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