Apple Just Replaced Its Gun Emoji With a Water Pistol

The tech giant has officially entered the gun control debate.

Though changes to version 7 of the iPhone, which drops next month, may be subtle, it’s iOS10, also coming next month, that will have some significant changes—specifically with emojis.

One major revise? Apple is nixing the pistol emoji, and swapping it with a water gun, CNN reports. The controversial icon has landed some teens in hot water, and was even considered a death threat in France when a dude sent one to his ex-girlfriend. C’mon, man. 

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It’s not the first time Apple has removed gun-inspired symbols: It previously blocked the introduction of a rifle emoji.

The swap to a water pistol isn’t the only emoji change coming to your iPhone. The icons for certain typically male-centric jobs, like cop or construction worker, will see women stepping into the roles. Also get ready for female athletes and a pride flag.

The brand new iOS10 is set to debut September 15.