The iPhone 7 Hits Stores On September 16

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming iPhone.

A rendering of the rumored iPhone 7 PRO (Photo: Martin Hajek)

Extrapolated from the Tweet below by VentureBeat’s respected industry source Evan Blass, here’s how the upcoming iPhone’s launch will likely play out next month…

Sep 6th (last year it was on a Wednesday): Apple announces the new iPhone, amidst other products
Sep 9th: Pre-orders begin
Sep 15th: iOS 10 launches
Sep 16th: The new iPhone hits stores and mass jubilation/criticism/hysteria ensues.

With larger than life expectations (even for Apple products) reserved for next year’s 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone, this year’s model is mostly expected as a fairly modest refresh with an improved battery, better camera for low-light shooting, and the well-documented lack of a headphone jack.

But there are still plenty of other speculations. For example, will they actually call this one the iPhone 7, or will they save that for the more radically redesigned handset expected next year? To appease audio fans, will this model come with new Lightning tipped earbuds or just a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter? Will there be a dual-camera Pro model?

Unless you bury yourself under a rock, these next five weeks you’ll likely here a bajillion other rumors, “leaks” and scientific wild-ass guesses. Do your best to remain calm. Stay tuned in. And we’ll let you know what we know as soon as we know.