Arizona Man Wins ‘Religious Freedom’ To Wear Colander In Driver’s License Photo

Really, dude?

Sean Michael Corbett has been a man on a religious mission for some time now: to wear his chosen faith’s ceremonial headdress in his driver’s license pic. 

If he was a member of one of the established “Big 3” that’d be one thing, but Corbett is a “Pastafarian,” and is a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

His religious headgear? A colander—like you use to drain water from cooked pasta, of course. Yep, dude is definitely not having any fun here at all.″ tml-render-layout=”inline” tml-embed-thumbnail=”

Anyway, Corbett, an Arizona Uber and Lyft driver, has been fighting to have his license photo made with the colander in place for a while. According to the Arizona Republic he claims he’s been “met with a lot of pushback and resistance.”

“I was scorned at every location I went to,” he continued, “and they put out a memo about me, so by the time I got to (the) fourth and fifth MVD, they stopped me at the door.” 

One manager at a registry for motor vehicles office finally relented, though, and Corbett was able to have his photo made with his beloved spaghetti strainer in place. 

Unfortunately, this tale may not have a happy ending. Upon learning Corbett’s story, the Arizona Department of Transportation issued a statement saying they will void his license. 

Corbett, reported the Republic, will fight on. No one, according to him, “should be bullied because their beliefs are different from other people.” 

Keep fighting that good fight then, Sean Corbett, and please use a different colander when you actually make spaghetti.

h/t Arizona Republic