Astronaut Scott Kelly Captures Insane Shots of the Blizzard From Space

There’s nothing like a view from above.


While you weather this blizzard from your walkup, thinking you’ve got a killer bird’s eye of the snowpocalypse, consider the vantage point Scott Kelly has.

Astronaut extraordinaire Scott Kelly, currently aboard the International Space Station on a yearlong space expedition, just shared a snap to his Instagram account of what he can see of the storm. And as one might expect, it’s a hell of a lot cooler than whatever you were considering posting to social media.

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These shots are truly insane. They show the East Coast utterly blanketed in a thick white cloud. The lights of our major metropolises have been all but entirely blocked by the ongoing blizzard.

Kelly even managed to capture a bolt of lightening in the midst of the whiteout. 

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The blizzard is still ongoing, and we expect to see a lot of breathtaking pictures of the onrushing two feet of snowfall. But we doubt anything will trump Kelly’s view from the top. 

h/t Mashable