A Badass Aussie Told a Great White Shark to ‘F*ck Off’ and It Actually Worked

You’ve got to see this.

Australian Shark
Image: Instagram/nicwilks

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Thanks in part to internet personalities like Ozzy Man, Australians are known for being a brazen bunch. The clip above only serves as further evidence that these people truly do not give a damn. 

An Australian named Nicholas Wilks was out on a fishing trip with his father when a 10-foot great white shark became ensnared in their fishing net.

Image: Instagram/nicwilks

Footage shows Wilks’ dad attempting to pry the open jaws of the apex predator to release it from the net before calling it a “fucking idiot,”and telling it to “fuck off.” 

The video’s caption originally read “sharks are assholes and dad doesnt like them very much,” and then was hilariously edited to “dad loves sharks, it was all a good laugh, the shark was not hurt at all, thanks.”  

Nicholas, your dad is a total badass.