Avicii Died From Self-Inflicted Cuts, According to Graphic New Report

This confirms suspicions that the superstar DJ killed himself.

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A new report stating that Avicii died from self-inflicted cuts comes just days after his family suggested that the superstar DJ took his own life. 

TMZ released graphic details compiled from multiple sources:  

Our sources say the method of death was a shard of glass that caused massive bleeding. Two sources tell us Avicii broke a bottle and used the glass to inflict the fatal wound.

One of the sources says it was a wine bottle.

Two sources tell us the point of injury was Avicii’s neck but another strongly denies that, saying it was his wrist.

We cannot confirm this, but the sources were privy to specific information about Avicii’s death. 

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The Swedish musician, born Tom Bergling, previously warned that he was “going to die” in a documentary released months before he was found dead in a hotel room in the Middle Eastern country of Oman on April 20. He was 28. 

Avicii’s family released two statements following his death. The most recent referred to his struggles with “thoughts about meaning, life and happiness,” and declared “he could not go on any longer.” 

Serious health issues, including alcohol addiction, plagued the EDM sensation throughout his career. 

Avicii’s generous nature has become apparent in the wake of his death. Large sums from his estimated $72 million fortune were donated to charity. 

Page Six has further details: 

He is said to have given away $1m from his 27-date House for Hunger tour of the United States in 2012 to the charity Feeding America.

The following year he gave another million euros to the Swedish aid organization Radiohjälpen

“I discovered when I started making money that I didn’t really need it,” he said in a 2013 interview. “When you have such an excess of money you don’t need, the most sensible, most human and completely obvious thing is to give to people in need.”

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