Crazy Fetus Punches Himself in the Face in Ultrasound Video

Take it easy, kid. We’ve all been there.

You think you have it rough? Maybe. But meet young E.J. Watson of Wichita, Kansas. He’s still floating in amniotic bliss, and already he’s beating himself up, literally—thumping himself in the noggin in an apparent case of head-snapping existential fury. 

“He just knocked himself,” his mother, Vanessa, told The Wichita Eagle

E.J. is the Watson’s’ first child, and they don’t yet know what to make of his self-directed beatdown. Perhaps he’s been reading Kanye’s Twitter feed? Believe us, pal, we feel your pain. 

Of course, there is one other possible scientific explanation for E.J.’s actions: reincarnation. Think about it.