This Suspected Thief Was Arrested Wearing The Perfect T-Shirt

“Know thyself.”

It may have been a perfect day for Pennsylvania resident Michael Emrick, we just don’t know. Maybe he was feeling too good. What we do know is at some point that day he put on a sassy t-shirt that read, “Really good at making really bad decisions” and then allegedly went out to make that legend come true.

WPXI reported that Emrick was in a stolen truck when he stopped for gas and some alleged five-fingered discounts in Baden, Pa. That’s when the downhill slide began:

Police said they were called to a Sheetz in Baden on a report of retail theft. They said the suspect drove off, prompting a chase that lasted about 15 minutes.
Surveillance video shows an officer getting caught up in the window of the truck as the driver…pulled away from the gas station, causing the officer to be thrown to the ground.

We wonder if the clerk at Sheetz saw Emrick’s shirt and figured he was worth watching a little more closely than the other customers. Just a thought.

Whatever the case, Emrick eventually crashed into the backyard shed at Frank Roppos’s place. “I heard a big boom and looked out and saw it,” Roppos told the TV station. 

Emrick was taken into custody. Charges against him reflected the allegation made by his t-shirt—he faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault. 

Other bad decisions may have been reflected in the “suspected heroin needles and drug paraphernalia” police claimed he was carrying at the time.

If you want your own “Really Bad Decisions” shirt, you can buy one from Aeropostale today. Just don’t assault anyone later. At least not in an aggravated way. 

h/t WPXI