Watch This Bald Eagle Steal a Fisherman’s Salmon In Amazing Slow-Motion Video

Now THIS is a catch of the day…

Meet the badass Bald Eagle who’s owning the Internet right now courtesy of his brazen armed robbery of a hunk of salmon from an unsuspecting fisherman.

That’s right, this Alpha Bird saw a sweet pile of raw salmon that looked nice, so he swooped down and snatched it up in his talons, presumably to devour on a nearby mountaintop while shrieking gleefully and pounding his feathery chest. 

Thankfully for us, the clowned fisherman caught this American hero’s ingenious fish-jacking in the eminently watchable slow-motion video above. 

Definitely watch the whole clip because it’s hard to truly do it justice, then soak up these sweet deets courtesy of the New York Post:

Ashton Phillips was trying to take a picture of the bald eagle circling his boat, but instead of getting a great picture, he watched as it took away with salmon.

“I saw this one eagle kind of circling and it was along the shoreline, so I took out my camera to snap a picture of it,” said Phillips. “All of a sudden out of nowhere, it started heading toward the boat,” he told CTV News.

Phillips had been cutting salmon strips to bait halibut with when the bird started circling. He had left pieces on the boat’s motor in order to take out his camera.

“I didn’t even realize it was coming for the big chunk of salmon until obviously it snagged it and flew off,” he said. “It was a pretty surreal experience.”

After watching the video, Phillips posted it to Facebook and it went viral. It was watched over 1.1 million times and shared 26,000 times, being described as “beautiful” and “epic.”

Image: Shinesty

Talk about a catch of the day!