This Insane Barber Gives Haircuts With An Actual Blowtorch

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the shop.

Blowtorch barber
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Imagine walking into a new barber shop and seeing the man whom you’re prepared to pay to make you look good break out a damn blowtorch and start blasting the head of the guy before you. Any sane person would run like hell. Then there are the customers of Palestinian stylist Ramadan Odwan, who are apparently just fine with the fact he’s attacking their scalps with jets of flame. 

 Reuters reports that Odwan, whose shop is located in Gaza, doesn’t see the problem. “People have gone crazy about it,” Odwan told the newswire, “many people are curious to go through the experience and they are not afraid.” 

They’re not afraid, Odwan said to Reuters, because people in Gaza “love adventures.” 

While other barbers have used flame, Odwan’s art is unique to where he lives, and he reportedly uses his own approach. He applies a mysterious liquid substance to the customer’s ‘do, according to Reuters, then gets his mini-flamethrower going for up to 15 seconds. 

“It is completely safe,” Odwan said, “and I have not encountered any accident since I started it two months ago.” 

Odwan’s customers can have the haircut and “fire-straightening” for the equivalent of just $5.20 (US). 

We’ll just stick with chatty old dudes with clippers and that mysterious blue liquid in which they store their equipment, thank you very much.  

h/t Reuters