A TV Reporter Grabbed a Woman’s Boob to Move Her Off-Camera, and the Internet Definitely Has Some Opinions

Accidental or intentional?

BBC Boob Grab
Image: YouTube/RayLon

Blunders during live news broadcasts are inevitable, as countless TV blooper reels have shown. 

But the BBC correspondent in the clip above is under unusually intense scrutiny after he attempted to move a woman off-camera during an interview by pushing her square in the boob. She retaliated by slapping his shoulder and then walking away. 

Whether he simply misplaced his hand in the heat of the moment or intentionally cupped grabbed her breast is the big question. But one thing’s for sure, people sure are talking about it.

From the camera’s angle, it almost seems as if he looks right at at her, sizes her up, and then decides to place his hand on her chest anyway. 

But the reporter, Ben Brown, claims that the breast feel was totally unintentional. 

We’re inclined to believe him, as his mind was probably on whatever the hell he was talking about. The replies to his explanation indicate a pretty intense debate online:




We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt this time, Benny boy, but if it happens again you’re shit out of luck.