How Beards Make You More Attractive to Women, According to Science

Time to grow out that beard and get weird.


Instagram babe-magnet Dan Bilzerian’s beard is the stuff of lady-killing legend. (Photo: Instagram)

If you like having a clean-shaven face as smooth as butter, you might want to reconsider your life choices after you hear what we’re about to tell you.

Apparently, growing a beard is the basically the best thing you can do for your love life, because women dig beards. And when we say beards, we mean a big, sexy, bushy beard that a woman can run her fingers through. So hot.

“Hello, ladies.”

This fun fact was found by a team of Aussie scientists who recruited 8,520 women, and showed them a series of pictures of 16 men when they were clean shaven, had five days of stubble, 10 days of stubble, and at least 14 weeks of untrimmed bushy beard goodness.

Then the ladies were asked to rate each picture on general attractiveness, how hot the men would be for a short-term fling, and how attractive they’d be for a long-term relationship.

The results of the experiment revealed that for long-term relationships, the longer the beard, the better. However, it didn’t really matter for short-term relationships, because you’re not going to be together long enough for her to care about your facial hair.

However, this does not mean that all types of facial hair are attractive. A pornstache? Not hot. Mutton chops? Hell nah. Soul patch? Just no. Please, no. See reference below:

No thanks.

Anyway, why do women like full beards on dudes? As with 99 percent of things on this planet, it has to do with evolutionary psychology. Nice, thick hair (including facial hair) is an indication of health, so the bigger the beard, the healthier the man. And the healthier the man, the better he can provide for his family.

So, if you grow out your beard nice and full, women will see you as a perfect hunky baby daddy, therefore will want to get with you. But don’t worry, the baby stuff is all subconscious, so you don’t have to worry about her poking holes in your condoms. Like we said, it’s all evolutionary.

That said, put away your razor, treat yo self to some nice beard oil, and welcome all the ladies with open arms and full access to your newly luxurious beard.

H/T: Esquire