Beer Googles Are a Real Thing, Science Confirms

But there’s a catch.

It’s one of the most enduring theories of bro science: That tossing back a beer or two makes everyone around you signifiant hotter. Now, science confirms what many a frat guy has said before, that “beer” goggles are real and make us more open to sex.

Researchers from the University Hospital of Basel (it’s in Switzerland) put 60 men and women, all healthy and between the ages of 18 and 50, through quite the experiment. Thirty were given enough booze to raise their blood-alcohol levels to 0.4 g/L, while the other 30 were given non-alcoholic beer. In the primary experiment, they were shown lewd images and asked to rate how pleasant or unpleasant the pics were.


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Those boozing were near unanimously more likely to rate sexually-explicit images as “more pleasant.” The correlation was reportedly even stronger in female participants. Interesting!

So, bro science does somewhat hold up, although it doesn’t necessarily mean alcohol makes people appear any hotter; it just makes us less sexually inhibited.

And there’s another catch: Participants didn’t actually become any more aroused than their sober counterparts when shown sexual imagery… they just were less likely to be turned off.

Now you know.

h/t NY Daily News