Crack This Insanely Hard Puzzle to Win $2 Million in Bitcoin

Can you find the key?

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

Want $2 million in Bitcoin…for free? Well, now’s your chance! It can all be yours if you have the mental capacity to solve a nearly-impossible puzzle. 


The puzzle was published on, and 310 BTC (worth $2 million) are apparently hidden inside. Figure it out, find the key to the Bitcoin, and claim the prize.

No idea what the puzzle is even remotely supposed to be, or how to solve it? Okay cool, because same. 

It was created by an anonymous user who goes by the pseudonym “Pip.” He—or she—claims to be one of the early users of Bitcoin and has so many BTC at this point that he just doesn’t give a hoot about money. Most of the 310 BTC he’s giving away are from free airdrops, anyway. 

Under the puzzle, Pip wrote that “Whoever finds the key to the coins may keep the Bitcoins. This is my first experiment and I will probably launch a few more challenges in the future.”

There was a similar puzzle released three years ago that offered 4.87 BTC—$50,000—and it was finally solved in February 2018.

Considering a puzzle offering $50K in Bitcoin took three years to crack, I’m guessing one that’s worth $2 million is going to take a loooong ass time. 

Congrats in advance to the genius who figures it out.