A Black Metal Band Crashed an Engagement Shoot, and It Might Be the Best Photo Bomb of All Time

Nothing says “romance” like corpse paint and black leather.

Ah, engagement photos. Lovestruck couples head to their favorite outdoor setting to snap some pics that will prove to the world just how in love they really are, and the result is the same damn thing everyone’s seen before. 

So we commend these two lovers for adjusting that stale formula. 

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John Awesome (we’re not making that up) and Nydia Hernandez were nearing the end of their photo shoot deep in the woods when they happened to encounter the black metal band Coldvoid.

“During the last part of the session, we noticed a few guys with some corpse paint makeup on sitting at a nearby bench blaring out some black metal music,” Awesome told ABC News.  

 “We just randomly thought it would be a funny idea if we could get them to be a part of our engagement shoot. So we approached them and asked and they more than happy to accept! Super nice people. I seriously can’t make this stuff up.”  

The result is what quite possibly is the best photo bomb of all time. The pics were posted to image hosting site Imgur, and quickly garnered over 600,000 shares. 

When ABC News asked how the wedding could top the amazing engagement photos, Awesome responded, “If this band ends up crashing our wedding reception.”  

We’re dying to see those, too. 

h/t Esquire